Typical retained agreements have invoice triggers based solely on calendar days. However, we believe a search firm must be accountable for producing results. And our model proves it.
Boutique firms like ours are traditionally known for a personal approach with greater access to the Partners. In addition, we have fewer “hands-off” restrictions than larger firms, thus we are able to provide a more comprehensive look at talent in the marketplace.
We recognize that diversity is an important initiative for all companies. We strive to offer a diverse pool of candidates on each engagement. In fact, over 80% of our candidate slates have contained at least one executive who is gender or ethnically diverse.
Yes. Our diverse functional expertise allows you to engage us for multiple assignments across your organization. Over half of our clients have hired us for more than one discipline.
Yes. Our firm has national and global reach. Our network and experience are not merely bound to the U.S.
Typical searches take 90 days to complete. Our research and selection process usually takes between 2-4 weeks. The interview process takes anywhere from 30-60 days. Certain variables can play a role in timing, but the average remains consistent.