Technology & Digital Media

Technology and digital media companies strive to remain relevant by adapting and growing as quickly as technology itself. Fueled by innovation like the latest mobile applications or social media technologies, they are depended upon to redefine the way we use technology both personally and professionally.

Leveraging this innovation to both create differentiation and increase market share has always been the goal of the executives in this space. Finding the senior members of these teams with the drive, the early-adopter mentality, and the leadership capable of meeting these goals has always been a challenge.

Roberts & Ryan has deep experience finding the “game-changer” that can take a technology or digital media company to new heights. We also recognize the need to move quickly, and have the network and process to do so.

Sample Searches

  • CIO
  • President
  • Director of Global Business Applications
  • VP, Engineering
  • Director of Infrastructure
  • VP, Application Development
  • CTO
  • SVP, Media
  • Director of Talent Acquisition
  • VP, Product Management
  • Head of E-commerce
  • CFO