Our Difference

What sets us apart?

Ask our clients and they will tell you it’s honesty. Honesty is not always tangible, but to us it remains essential.

It means that we’ll report everything to you throughout the process, including feedback that’s difficult to hear. It means that we never put our interests ahead of yours. It means that we always do what we say.

While we take great pride in being defined this way, it’s meaningless unless we get the job done. The reason we are continually hired and rehired, is that our track record confirms we produce results.

What Makes Us Different


We’re accountable

Our performance-based retainer model ensures that we’re driven toward one specific goal: a successful hire.


We’re targeted

We are dedicated to filling searches within our core level. We’ve made it our network, our focus and our livelihood


We’re hands-on

Our Partners are involved in every step of the process. While we assemble a full team, the Partner you hired will lead the search and remain actively engaged throughout.


We’re versatile

Our diverse functional and industry expertise allows you to engage us for multiple assignments across your organization.